Colossal to “Revive” the Extinct Woolly Mammoth Using CRISPR-Based Gene Editing | Dr George Church

Dr George Church, Professor of Genetics from Harvard Medical School, has launched an ambitious project to ‘revive’ the woolly mammoth.

Colossal, a startup company co-founded by George Church, and Ben Lamm, an entrepreneur and ex-CEO of Hypergiant, plans to use CRISPR to make 50+ changes to the DNA code of the endangered Asian elephant to give the characteristics of the extinct woolly mammoth.

Dr Church hopes the new Woolly Mammoth 2.0 animals could help to stabilise the Arctic ecosystem and contribute to
climate change reversal.

Colossal has received $15 million in seed funding from a number of high profile investors including Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, billionaire owners of the Gemini crypto exchange.

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