New Film ‘Eating Our Way To Extinction’ Interview & Excerpts

Plant Based News Founder Klaus Mitchell talks with Director Otto Brockway and Producer Mark Galvin about the new documentary ‘Eating Our Way to Extinction’.

According to the United Nations animal agriculture is responsible for 14.5% of global greenhouse gas emissions. It is also the leading cause of deforestation around the world and contributes to water pollution, soil degradation and ocean dead zones.

Despite increasing numbers of people going vegetarian or vegan, meat production is still projected to double by 2050.

Eating Our Way to Extinction travels the world to examine the impact of the animal based agricultural industry.

The documentary, narrated by Kate Winslett, also explores how changing our diet can have a major positive benefit on the health of the planet.

Eating Our Way to Extinction features undercover footage, scientific input from leading experts, and firsthand accounts from indigenous people.

The film can be watched online on a number of platforms including Amazon, YouTube, Google Play, iTunes, and VUDU.

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