Boris Johnson at the UN : Time for Humanity to Grow Up

Speaking at the United Nations General Assembly UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that it is “time for humanity to grow up” and take responsibility for the destruction of the planet.

In a speech heavily laden with classical references Boris Johnson called upon the nations of the world to step up their efforts to combat climate change.

COP26 taking place in the UK in November will be a “global coming of age”.

The UK Prime Minister specifically cited four areas for nations to focus on – Coal, Cars, Cash and Trees…

  • By 2040 only zero emission vehicles should be on sale anywhere in the world.
  • Funding for change cannot just come from governments – the private sector must contribute.
  • By 2030 the loss of trees should be halted.

The world must become Carbon Net Zero by 2050.

The balance between humanity and nature must also be restored.

The UK leader is sure technology and capitalism will provide the solutions.

Boris Johnson ended on a lighter note by disputing Kermit the Frog’s claim that it is “not easy being green”.

It is easy, he claims, and humanity has “awesome power” to change things for the better….

“In the next 40 days the world has to choose what kind of awesome we’re going to be.”



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