High & Dry : How UK Fishermen were Sold Out by Brexit

In 2020 Greenpeace spent the summer investigating, documenting and exposing what was going on in so-called Marine Protected Areas around Britain’s coast.

Brexit promised to protect the UK fishing industry, but since leaving Europe the situation has got much worse for the country’s traditional, small scale fishing fleet.

Massive industrial trawlers and fly-shooters are hoovering up the fish around the UK at an alarming and unsustainable rate. They are allowed to operate freely in the Marine Protected Areas with their operations deemed to be legal by the UK Government.

These factory scale ships, with their mile long nets, can catch more in a day than a small fishing boat will catch in a year.

Greenpeace, with their Operation Ocean Witness, have teamed up with local fishermen from around the south and east coasts to campaign for the Government to change the laws to curb the factory fishing operations, especially in the Marine Protected Areas.

Actor Simon Pegg hosted the premiere of ‘High & Dry’ online, which included a Q&A with fishermen Jerry Percy and Martin Yorwarth and Greenpeace campaigner Fiona Nicholls…

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