The Daily Climate Show : Toxic gas fears on La Palma, China Net Zero…

Issues discussed on today’s Daily Climate Show include…

  • Scientists are worried that lava from the volcanic eruption on La Palma will create toxic hydrochloric acid vapour as it mixes with sea water in the Atlantic Ocean.
  • China is unlikely to bring forward its net zero carbon emissions target from 2060 in time for COP26.
    US Special Envoy for Climate John Kerry has said that if China does not bring forward its net zero target from 2060 to 2050 the efforts of the rest of the planet will be in vain. UN Climate Leader Patricia Espinosa is hopeful China will make a positive move on the target.
  • Labour leader Keir Starmer has said his party backs a Green New Deal, and if elected to government would commit £28 billion per year for a decade to help combat climate change. Labour plans include retrofitting every home in the country to high insulation standards.
  • The US Fish & Wildlife Service have declared that the Ivory Billed Woodpecker and 22 other plants and animals will be taken off the endangered species list as they have not been found in the wild, and should therefore be considered extinct. Factors causing these extinctions include habitat loss and climate change.
  • The UK Government is to relax the regulation of gene-edited crops to allow commercial growing in England. Scientists hope they can use gene-editing to develop varieties that are more resistance to climate change. Following Brexit the UK is no longer bound by the strict EU rules on gene-editing. Campaign groups such as GeneWatch oppose the changes.
  • A particularly strong tropical storm has brought flooding to large parts of north and central Thailand. Around 40% of the country and 200,000 homes have been affected by Storm Dianmu and the capital Bangkok is now at risk.

Presenter Samantha Washington was joined by guests Sam Hall, Director of Conservative Environment Network, and Climate justice activist Daze Aghaji to discuss some of these issues.

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