COP 26 : Same sh*t different day | Extinction Rebellion UK

The first COP conference took place in Berlin in 1995.

Twenty five COPs later and what action has been taken to halt climate change?

What happens if COP26 doesn’t achieve its goals?  What if the actions that come out of it are not enough to stop climate change?

Extinction Rebellion believe that COP26 will not achieve anything close to what is needed.

The truth is, we can not rely on COP. Nothing on the table in the run up to COP26 resembles a compassionate and functional response to the crisis, so why should we place any faith in the summit itself?

What we expect is catastrophic failure, which will be spun by the government as a success to an unsuspecting public. Both the governments represented and the NGOs will be promoting an atmosphere of optimism and possibility.

XR want to see a meaningful route to change through Citizens’ Assemblies.

After COP26 has taken place and the climate crisis continues people will ask “So, what do we do now?”

XR’s answer…

Our response to that will be mass nonviolent civil disobedience. Because it’s people who have the power – not World leaders.

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