Sono Sion – the cheap solar-powered car you might NEVER need to charge

Jack Scarlett of Fully Charged travels to the home of Sono Motors in Munich to see the latest prototype version of the Sono Sion.

He talks with Laurin Hahn, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Sono Motors.

The Sono Sion is an EV unlike any other EV.  It has been designed with affordability in mind, it is covered in 7.5 sq m of solar cells for self-charging and it comes with an app to help owners earn income from car sharing.

The integrated photovoltaic cells that cover almost the entire body of the car will provide enough charge in a week for 70 miles of driving in average weather and up to 150 miles if it is sunny.

The car has a 54kWh battery, and it also has a 11kW 3 pin plug to allow reverse to your house, an electrical appliance or another electric car.

Sono are planning to have the Sion in production by 2023.

It is available to pre-order now at a cost of 25,500 euros (including German VAT).

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