The Daily Climate Show : Green Electricity by 2035, Fairtrade Farmers want promises kept, Google greens up…

Issues discussed on today’s Daily Climate Show include…

  • How achievable is Boris Johnson’s pledge on Monday that all electricity will come from ‘green’ sources by 2035? Experts suggest offshore wind will need to grow by at least 5 times, and the production of zero carbon hydrogen will have to start up in a big way. The government also wants nuclear power to play a part.
  • In his keynote speech at the Conservative Party Conference Boris Johnson didn’t repeat his 2035 green electricity target, but he did mention COP26 referencing the need for more clean, green buses, more rewilding and more trees.
  • In the run-up to COP26, an open letter sent on behalf of 1.8 million Fairtrade producers has called on world leaders to keep their climate promises – $100 billion in funding, reductions in emissions from imported goods, low carbon trade deals, and a strengthening in business regulations.
  • A climate activist joined the models on the catwalk of a Louis Vuitton fashion show in Paris. The protestor representing Amis de la Terre France (Friends of the Earth), Youth for Climate and Extinction Rebellion, unfurled a banner saying ‘Overconsumption = Extinction’ before being forcibly removed by security staff.
  • Residents of the Greek island of Evia are hurriedly building wooden flood defences after the natural vegetation that would normally protect their homes from autumn rains was destroyed by wildfires in the summer.
  • Google has announced new sustainability features for its search and map products in an effort to help reduce carbon emissions. The measures include eco-scores on investment listings, information on hotels’ green credentials, and highlighting green routes.

Presenter Anna Jones was joined by guests Maryam Pasha, host of the Climate Curious Podcast and White House Climate Adviser Jerome Foster, to discuss what does climate leadership looks like and can big tech help us go green.

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