Cadbury chocolate & Anchor butter linked to deforestation in Brazil

A number of well known UK food brands including Cadbury’s chocolate and Anchor butter have been linked to the destruction of rainforest in Brazil.

An investigation by The Bureau of Investigative Journalism, Greenpeace Unearthed and ITV News has revealed that Cadbury’s chocolate, Cathedral City cheddar, Anchor butter, Country Life butter, Clover dairy spread, Davidstow cheddar, Arla’s Cravendale milk, and Asda’s Farmers Milk have all been using milk from cows fed soya from recently deforested lands in the Amazon and Cerrado regions of Brazil.

The ‘deforested soya’ was mixed with sustainably certified soya before reaching diary farms in the UK that supply milk to Saputo, Arla and Cadbury.

All the food manufacturers involved say they are working hard to eliminate the deforested soya from their supply chains.

The UK imports 2.6 million tonnes of soya each year – 27% of it from Brazil.

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